Dieting takes motivation and discipline

Losing weight is never an easy task and most of the time real challenging, but anyone trying to lose those few extra lbs needs a healthy mix of motivation, support, and a great diet plan of action. So whether you are looking to get that body in shape for the summer, or shed that baby weight after a pregnancy, or just to simply feel more confident in your own skin, chosing a good diet plan can be a great way to start.

There are lots of great diet plans to lose weight and lose it the correct way without hurting yourself. So when it comes to chosing the correct diet plan you have to really do your research and evaluate the ones that may be right for you. Most of the time its a good idea to consult your doctor before starting any weight loss program for the simple fact that you want to make sure the diet plan you are on is not causing you to be at any health risk. Doctors can help monitor your health throughout your dieting. In some cases they may help you decide how much weight you may need to lose as well as the type of excercise program you need to be on. Sometimes they may recommend certain medications or even surgery as part of your weight loss program. So whether you need a doctor or not, it’s not really a bad idea to enlist in the support of a doctor or nutuitionalist while your dieting.

Here is a list of some of the popular diets that are out there today and for more information about these diets just click on the image:

1. The Atkins Diet:

This diet plan was found by Dr. Richard Atkins, and has been popular for some time now it basically consists of eating just protein and fats while staying away from carbohydrates.





2. The Zone Diet:

This diet  plans aims for a more balanced nutritional approach of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The focus is to control insulin levels in the body which will result in weight loss and body weight control.




3. The Vegan diet:

Dont get this diet mixed up with the vegetarian diet. The Vegan diet is strictly plant based only while the vegetarian diet does include eating eggs, diary and honey.




4. Weight Watchers diet:

This diet has been around for a very long time and is approved by many doctors. Its main focus is diet and exercise and a support group.    



5.  South Beach diet:

 The South Beach diet was founded by cardiologist, Dr. Agatston and nutritionalist Marie Almon. Its main focus is not just a low carb diet but selecting the right kind of carbs, high protein and low sugar.




Problems we may come across while dieting 

While these are all great diet plans for losing weight just remember it doesn’t happen over night. A couple of the biggest problems we have when it comes to dieting is being disciplined enough to stay with a diet and putting down those unwanted calories. We live in a world now where we want to see results right away but unfortunately it doesn’t really happen that way. Losing weight does take some time that is why you have to maintain your discipline while dieting. Generally the time it takes for you to see results (and for others to notice) should be anywhere from 3-4 weeks give or take a week or two. Remember the more consistent and disciplined you are the better results you will have.

Another  problem that happens all to often is that when we do lose the weight we seem to think its ok to go back to eating the same junk we were eating before we started dieting. That’s a common mistake when dieting and can make you feel really frustrated, especially when you start gaining the weight back. The way you stop the weight gain even after you quit dieting is regular exercise and staying accountable to yourself by watching what you eat. Exercise about 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days a week and keep track or write down what you eat. Doing this gives you sort of a mental picture of how well your doing and what you need to pay more attention to.







Reward yourself when you reach your goal





I hope you enjoyed reading this article and dont forget for more information on any of these diets just click on the image under each of these diets. When its all said and done just remember your in complete control of your body. You control what you eat. Dieting takes descipline so challenge yourself a bit, set daily and monthly goals and reward yourself when you reach those goals to keep motivated. Remember to that regular exercise and dieting are  lifelong methods to keep yourself healthy and prevent serious health problems later on in life.