Cut more Calories lose more Weight

Yes its true if you want to lose the weight you have to start by cutting the calories. Sounds simple but the reality is that its easier said than done. We sometimes make the mistake of thinking that if we eat less that we will lose the weight we want but that couldn’t be farther from the truth, in fact if you do try to eat less you are actually doing more harm to your body than good. Our bodies will think something is wrong and will go into shutdown mode meaning that it slows down alot of the functions that are necessary to burn calories like your metabolism, thyroid and even your blood pressure which will actually cause you to gain weight. In women it can affect your hormones in such a way that it will cause you to gain weight. Another common mistake we sometimes make to is thinking that if we exercise alot but still just eat anything we want that we will lose weight and that would be a big fat no. Dont get me wrong, exercise is great and I think a must but the reality is that if your going to lose weight it has to start with a healthy diet with or without exercise.

Decreasing your calorie intake to lose weight

So how do you cut your calorie intake then without starving yourself to death or feeling hungry all the time. One way you can do this and still lower your calorie intake is by eating foods with alot of fiber and water in them. Foods such as fruits and vegetables that include apples and watermelons or beans and peas or other foods such as broth based soups and low fat dairy products are just some of the types of foods that can make you feel full but are also low in calories. You can also take a look at your diet and see where you can replace those high calorie foods with low calorie foods. For example, you could replace your milk with low-fat milk or replace your snacks with some kind of fruit or nuts and as far as your meats go we all know that chicken and turkey are good for you but if you have to have the red meats try and eat only the lean cuts.

Another way you can decrease your calorie intake without starving yourself is to eat more protein. This will reduce your appetite, cut your cravings and increase the number of calories you burn. Protein by far is the most filling nutrient and studies shows that protein both increases your metabolism rate as well as curb your appetite. So not only does protein help you lose the weight but it also helps you with those late night cravings as well.

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Cutting calories to much can do harm

Most people who want to lose weight want to lose it fast. So you make dramatic changes to your diet like reducing the number of calories you intake. But did you know that by reducing to many calories that you can actually sabotage your weight-loss effort. You would think that it would make perfect sense to stop eating when your dieting to lose weight but the truth is that you actually do yourself more harm than good. If your calorie intake dips down to low then your body will think something is wrong and will go into starvation mode. Your body will begin to store up fat instead of burning it as your metabolism slows down to a crawl. This will then cause your body to burn calories as slow as possible to conserve energy which will keep you from losing weight. So case and point, don’t cut your calories so low that your metabolism slows down keeping you from losing the weight you want.

Final Thoughts

Cutting calories is a very reliable way to lose weight whether you exercise or not. So if you do just try and lose the weight without exercise just remember you have to stick to a low calorie diet and eat the right foods and you will want to do this over a long period of time too. Another thing to keep in mind to is that if you cut your calories too much at one time then your body might think something is wrong and try to store those calories instead of burning them which in turn will cause weight gain instead of weight loss. You can cut the calories in moderation but don’t try and cut them all at once.