Foods to Avoid while dieting

When it comes to dieting there are many foods that you need to avoid. They are the foods that can have a major effect on your weight.”In other words, they actually make you gain weight instead of losing it.” In addition, they contribute to putting fat where you don’t won’t it, like around your belly. Remember a calorie is not always a calorie and when you get to many of them those extra calories that are not burned are stored away by the body as fat. So when you put in more calories than your body actually uses then that’s when you put on the weight.

There are many foods we eat today that are harmful to the body and I couldn’t possibly list them all here but what I can do is list the most common foods that we eat  that you will want to try to avoid while dieting.


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Yes I hate to say it but pizza. Pizza is very high in sodium and calories and contains some unhealthy ingredients(things you wouldn’t think of) like processed meats and refined flour. It also contains the most unhealthiest kind of fat which is TRANS FAT and most pizza sauces (unless its homemade) contains lots of sugars.

But there is an alternative for you pizza lovers and that is buying or making your own pizza with healthier all natural ingredients (not processed).

Potato Chips and French Fries

Free stock photo of food, yellow, fat, colors While potatoes are very good for you, potato chips and French fries are not. They literally have no nutritional value and are high in trans and saturated fats (the bad kind of fats) and calories. Not only can eating chips or fries cause weight gain and obesity but yes they also raise the risk of cancer, heart disease and yes diabetes. Chips are also very high in sodium which can cause an increase in your blood pressure.

But if you have to have a bag of chips to snack on they are alternatives such as low sodium baked potato chip. These chips don’t contain as much sodium as a regular chip does.

Drinks full of Sugar

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Yes I know they taste good and are very addictive but sugar sweetened drinks and similar drinks are one of the unhealthiest substance that you can put in your body on the face of the planet. So in case you were wondering just what are the sugary drinks, they refer to any drinks that have added sugar or sweetners, i.e. sodas( Coke products and Pepsi products), lemonade,  any sweetened powdered drink and sports and energy drinks just to name a few.

Check these statistics out on sugary drinks.

  • Its significally associated with weight gain and obesity
  • Drinking large amounts can increase your chances of gaining weight and developing diabeties and gout.
  • Your children’s chances of becoming obese increase by 60% for each sugary beverage consumed daily and double the risk of cavities
  • One studies showed that if you drink one sugary beverage a day for a year that you could gain up to 25 pounds extra per year.

These are just a few negative affects of drinking sugary drinks as Im sure they are many more. The bottom line is that if your going to lose weight you need to cut out the sugary drinks completely.


Bread Sliced

Of all the breads out there white breads are the worst if your trying to lose weight. They have little nutritional value because of the refined flour and added sugar it contains which can cause a spike in your blood sugar which leads you to OVEREATING and because of this it’s one of the main reasons why our belly’s are more bloated. White bread contributes to some health related issues as well such as type 2 diabetes.  One study showed that eating less white bread along with processed foods and sugary drinks will decrease the risk of getting diabetes.

So when it comes to eating bread you want to opt for a more whole grain variety, it has more fiber and protein which gives you more of a nutritional boost.

Candies, Cookies and Cakes

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I included these 3 together because they are pretty much the same thing. All 3 of these contain lots of added sugars and refined flour. Again these are high in calories and have no nutritional value what so ever.

But if you have to have something sweet then make it dark chocolate. Studies have show that dark chocolate can decrease the risk of heart disease and stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Alcoholic Beverages

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I know you didn’t want to here this but yes alcoholic beverages are bad for your diet. They contain lots of calories, in fact twice as many calories than carbs or protein. It’s the first fuel to burn when taken in which in turn postpones the fat burning process and increases your fat storage. Alcohol consumption will also lower your testosterone which will halt or slow its potential as a fat burner. Since testosterone contributes to lean muscle mass if it is lowered then that means slower muscle gains and makes losing fat that much harder. Don’t forget also that alcohol can increase your appetite and calorie intake as well especially if you drink before a meal.

So if you have to have a drink make something like wine or make even strait liquor without the sugary mixes.

Fast Foods

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When it comes to fast foods you might think your eating healthy but the truth is that fast foods contains a lot of calories and bad calories at that which can lead to weight gain. Most fast foods contain added sugar and trans fat( which is very bad fat) that really have no nutritional value at all. Fast foods are also high in sodium which can cause water retention which is a reason why you may feel bloated after eating fast food.

Today, they are more people in the U.S considered overweight as America has become one of the most obese nations in the world and that number is growing.

So if your serious about your diet then stay away from fast foods, carry you some healthy snacks with you wherever you go. You have to stop that bad habit of getting something quick to eat at a fast food restaurant.

Final Thoughts

As you can see these are just a few of the foods we eat or are available to us everyday that are harmful to our bodies. They are many more than what I listed here but these are just some of the common foods we eat on a daily. So if you want to make that change in your healthy lifestyle you need to start by changing what you put in your body.

I really hope you enjoyed this article and please feel free to leave some comments below.